Why Did This Sikh Businessman go to the...

Sitting on the platform and looking at the passers-by, I suddenly came across a decent-looking man with a container of water. He was well-dressed and had three other people walking with him.

Footprints of Guru Nanak's Travels in...

As per our chronicles companion of Guru Nanak Mardana felt hungry. He requested the Guru for some food. Guru Nanak asked him to climb the tree and eat its fruit. Mardana never questioned Guru's instructions...

Great Sikh Women

When I was recently asked to give a presentation at the University of Toronto on Sikh women, I instantly knew I should return that honour by presenting on the realities and challenges of the great Sikh women of our past, present and future.

Sikh Community Stands United in Orlando

“We continue to shed tears across the country in the wake of this violence and we pray for the victims, their families and those impacted by this tragedy,” said the Sikh Coalition’s Executive Director, Sapreet Kaur.

Officer Varinder Singh Wants to Change...

The first Sikh mayor was in Yuba City, the first Sikh temple was in Stockton, and yesterday, the Modesto Police force introduced their first Sikh police officer.

American Sikhs Stand by Orlando Victims...

"In this grim hour we offer our deepest condolences for all those affected by the horrific event and offer our prayers for those departed."

In Wake of Shooting American Sikh TV Ad...

$150,000 was raised by an enthusiastic audience at an evening gala from various parts of the Seattle suburbs and also all the way from Salem, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Khalsa Flag Officially Raised in Espanola

Two days ago was flag day in the U.S. It also happened to be the day that the Espanola city council ratified that the Khalsa flag would be raised to represent the Sikh community.

Bhagat Maalaa ~Sulhi & Sulbi Khan's...

Prithi Chand unleashed perpetual attacks against Guru Arjan Dev Ji and his family, hoping the Guru would crumble under the pressure and abdicate from the Guruship.

Modesto California Hires 1st Sikh Officer

Varinder Khun Khun, along with two other officers, graduated from the Napa Police Academy on June 11. He is one of 33 officers hired by the department so far this year.


June 24, 2016 Hukamnama Excerpt
"Says Kabeer, one who meets the True Guru, is not reincarnated again. https://t.co/P05oU4foSQ"

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