Indian American Woman Soldier Bridges the...

As the army’s ‘diplomat’, Balreet is happy that perceptions towards Indians have changed, at least among their colleagues.

Rana Singh Forgives Man Who Killed His...

[VIDEO] Roque responded, “I know I can’t give you back what I wish I could, which is your brother, but I hope you find some comfort in knowing that I’m very sorry for what happened to your brother and your whole family and his wife and everyone.”

The Chunni Project

She noticed a lot of girl-on-girl hate in the Indian community and also noticed that Indian girls do not have many role models to look up to and very less representation in the media.

1st Class From Simran Kaur in the Euros

She will now prepare for Saturday afternoon’s semi-final of the tournament, which is taking place in the Turkish port city of Ordu.

N.J. woman joins Sikh communities as they...

For Ruitenberg, Sikh turbans are the opposite of terrifying. “If I see a Sikh person, I automatically know that I’m safe,” Ruitenberg said.

Shop Owner Tells Armed Robber He Has To Wait...

Stuart Gleeson entering and demanding cash. But Mrs Sangha, 49, refused. She said, ‘I was just sitting there having my cup of tea when he came in holding this 7in kitchen knife...

Sikh Community Receives 'Outpouring of...

“There’s an opportunity here to reach out and educate each other about cultural diversity,” he said. “It’s something we celebrate.”

Sikh Man Who Found Bombing Suspect

"I'm from Sikh faith," he added. "I've been taught always stand up against the atrocities, any kind of persecution. I did what I think every American would have done," Bains told CNN's Chris Cuomo.

The Importance of the Anand Karaj Ceremony

Once you make the decision the center of your life you want to be able to have those life-changing moments or those important milestones in your life also centered around go to the outside.

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September 28, 2016 Hukamnama Excerpt
"Serve the Lord forever; use your eyes, and see Him ever-present everywhere."

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