Stand out and stand up

Stand Out and Stand Up

3rd place competition winner in 2012 for Junior age group (11-17)   Sikhs stand out because of their distinct appearance. Because Sikhs look different, they are usually bullied and made fun of. This video shows how all Sikhs …

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Blind Journey

2012 “Heartstrings Award”   Its the story of a girl, the blind choices she made in her life and because of those choices was on a blind journey. Directed by: Satdeep Singh (Age: 25) Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India Length: 7 min 39 sec …

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Nanak Tin Kai Sang

Through this documentary movie, SOCH likes to share the lives of Sikh community living at Shankapur Tanda(Banjara’s Village) 80 Kilometers away from Hyderabad, AP – India. They are second and third generations Sikhs but despite …

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Satguru Khotio Khare Kare

2012 “Sant Sipahi Award”   The film “Satguru Khotion Khare Kare” reveals that when a person practices Gurbani, he/she becomes more & more Humanitarian & dedicated social worker. He/she gets rid of personal & social …

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This short film is about drugs and their consequences as the name suggests. One man who is wrongly accused of killing his own brother and wants the revenge for the same. A drug dealer and clever minded guy. A young drug addict. …

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The Admission

This video is an effort from some of the Guru’s Sikhs to reach out to their brothers and sisters across the world so as to make them realize that the invaluable treasure of Sikhi is …

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Five Folds

2012 Long Film Prize Winner for Intermediate age group (18-28)    The story is based on a father – son relation. How a son values a gift from his father and lives upto his expectations. …

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We Are Not Your SIkhs

When we came to know about the biggest scam in the history of the Sikhs by way of Bhai Ram Singh’s argumentative articles- we got steeped neck deep in shame. For us unfortunate ordinary beings, who else did we have for support than …

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Injustice 1984

2012 “Injustice Awareness Award”     This is an effort to uncover ugly face of Indian Constitution. This presents the truth of 1984 massacre, in respect of one individual family. Story is based on true events in …

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my turban screen

My Turban

#MyTurban is a short film project from the makers of “Turbanology” which delves into the pride and passion of individual Sikhs and their Turban identity. In order to raise awareness of the Turban and inspire young people to take …

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winter solstice 2011 screen1

Winter Solstice 2011

Every winter people from all over the world gather together at Circle F Dude Ranch, Florida, USA to practice Kundalini Yoga and celebrate the Winter Solstice. Kundalini Yoga was brought to America and first time taught publicly by Yogi …

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Left Behind

2012 “Emotional Wisdom” Award   A soldier returns home from Iraq and is having trouble adjusting with post tramautic stress syndrome. He regrets that he had left his best friend behind and he will never …

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Singh Vs. Singh

2012 “Laugh and Learn” Award    Singh vs Singh is the story of two youths meet and preet. Preet falls into wrong kind of friend circle and starts to neglect what being a Sikh stands for on the …

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Sangat – The Company

Award winner in 2012 for Senior age group 29+   As the saying goes “A man is known by the company he keeps”. In this movie the protagonist, Gurmoh Singh, is a young Sikh who is living a happy life but …

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The Path

A young woman has been chased by five individuals for as long as she can remember. When she finally takes a stand against them, she realizes she must find the strength to fight from an …

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cash is trash 1 screen

Cash Is Trash

1st place competition winner in 2012 for Junior age group (11-17) This movie is about a man who donates money and feels proud of it.At the end he realizes that Cash is Trash.This video teaches that we should not be …

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react or act screen

React Or Act

ideo is targeted towards the inherent altruism that the Almighty has infused in all of us. Our duty as human beings is to make prudent decisions even in the worst of times keeping in mind …

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when you are on my side 2 screen

When You Are On My Side

2012 Short Film Winner for Intermediate age group (18-28)   When you are on my side – It’s a film not just about values, but about following those values. It’s not just about agreeing to the grace of God, but feeling …

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The Martyrs

This video the saga of unknown warriors in Sikhism those who were martyred by Mugal intruders of different era.   Directed by: Harmeet Singh (Age: 25) Location: Delhi, New Delhi, India Length: 29 min 55 …

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kin type youtube

Is This Year Your Year?

2012 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival Since 2006, SikhNet has sponsored an online film festival for the youth. So, anyone can make a film about Sikhims anywhere around the world. And this year, we are …

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