Winter Solstice 2011

Every winter people from all over the world gather together at Circle F Dude Ranch, Florida, USA to practice Kundalini Yoga and celebrate the Winter Solstice. Kundalini Yoga was brought to America and first time taught publicly by Yogi Bhajan in 1969, who himself practiced Sikhism. Regardless of that fact, many Kundalini Yoga practices are deeply rooted in Sikhism. For example, the majority of mantras are from the Siri Guru Grant Sahib, and many Kundalini Yoga practices, such as – waking up in the early morning to read Japji and meditate-are the same for Sikhs. Becoming a Sikh is not required for practicing Kundalini Yoga. But many people are influenced by the devotional aspects of Kundalini Yoga and do become Sikhs as a result of their yoga practice. Many take Amrit at the end of Winter Solstice at the Gurdwara. Winter Solstice is a perfect example of the event where people from different paths meet and happily practicie yoga at the same tim e as many practice Sikhism. Sikhism is not imposed on anyone at Summer Solstice but it’s influence is found everywhere and people get educated and participate in Sikh’s rituals and prayers.

Directed by: Elena Tchoujtchenko (Age: 29+)
Location: Valley Village, CA, United States
Length: 17 min 52 sec



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