Guru Nanak – A Short Documentary

Guru Nanak was born in a time of religious war. Hindus and Muslims were fighting, making religion about rituals instead of a connection to God. Nanak, as a child, had a connection to God, and his mission was to spread unity and peace.

Using stories of Guru Nanak told by his friends and family, this short documentary is to honor Guru Nanak and to introduce him as a spiritual leader, instead of a religious idol.

::::Please Note::::

Please turn up your speakers when watching the video. The audio may be muffled due to low camera quality.

All characters are representations of the people in Guru Nanak’s life and in no way are they to be taken as literal historical figures.

This project was made for the Cambridge Art Curriculum for 12th grade by a handheld camera, novice actors, and much improvisation.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!


Directed by: Ad Sach Kaur (Age: 19)
Location: Santa Fe, NM, USA
Length: 10 min 20 sec

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