Injustice 1984

2012 “Injustice Awareness Award”



This is an effort to uncover ugly face of Indian Constitution. This presents the truth of 1984 massacre, in respect of one individual family. Story is based on true events in a village near Delhi. I am Jarnail Singh,22 yrs. old and I belong to Patiala, Punjab. I completed my 10+2 in Patiala only and then i went to Chandigarh to get diploma in 3D Animation. After completing that, i joined Punjabi University to get diploma in Videography. Meantime, i started my work rather my passion for direction in films. I did a short film which was actually an assignment for me named ‘Drowning Punjab’. I got very much encouraged with the terrific support i got from people. Then, by completion of my diploma, i made another movie named ‘A Night out with Life’ and, yet again i got unbelievable response. Thereafter, it was a very daring task to even think of presenting Massacre and Injustice of 1984 in form of electronic media. My uncle had a newspaper cutting of a victim of 1984 who was crippled for 24 years but was still fighting for justice. He, my family and my conscience empowered the courage to present truth in front of the whole world. And our message was to the entire mankind that if they don’t stand against the cruelty and injustice, they would be the victims one day.

Directed by: Jarnail Singh (Age: 22)
Location: Patiala, Punjab, India
Length: 25 min 13 sec

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