React Or Act

ideo is targeted towards the inherent altruism that the Almighty has infused in all of us. Our duty as human beings is to make prudent decisions even in the worst of times keeping in mind the benefit of our society and mankind in general. Nonetheless, if need be, we always have the option to unsheathe our weapon from our scabbard. But that, as Gurusahab says, should always be the very last resort. It is up to us to decide, with the permission of the Guru, what circumstances shall dictate such an extreme step.

We must not forget: “No one abhors war more than the soldier who has lived its depravity and cruelty”

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Roderick Spink for volunteering as a cameraman and also Mr. Lauren Siagian for letting us use his equipment. Enjoy!


Directed by: Dilbagh Singh and Shubham Das (Age: 25)
Location: Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India
Length: 5 min 12 sec


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