Nanak Tin Kai Sang

Through this documentary movie, SOCH likes to share the lives of Sikh community living at Shankapur Tanda(Banjara’s Village) 80 Kilometers away from Hyderabad, AP – India. They are second and third generations Sikhs but despite poverty they have never compromised on Sikh values and proudly living and maintaining Sikhi against all odds. We are totally amazed by their high spirit (Chardhi Kala). SOCH volunteers went there with intent to help and give their support but in reality we got much more in return from them and that is their love of Guru. Even though they are poor, their dreams involve sharing with others and help other poor and needy citizens. We were all in tears as we know that some of us who have got all the worldly materialistic riches but still we do feel likes haring even small percentage of it.

There are millions of Sikhs living in the central and southern states of India, in the similar or even poorer conditions. Their children want to go to school and study but they have no monetary help to turn their dreams into reality. This is awake up call to all Sikhs to share and help their less privilege brothers and sisters because Guru clearly reminds us on Page 15 of SGGS Ji – “Nanak Tin Kai Sang” – Nanak Stands in solidarity with needy and oppressed…


Directed by: Harpreet Singh Rooprai (Age: 29+)
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Length: 11 min 21 sec

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