2016 Winners

2014 Prize Winners

2016 Marks Another Successful Festival!

The theme of the Film Festival, “Mata Dharat – Mother Earth” focused the directors’ lenses on the environment and the future of the planet. 16 films from young Sikh directors were submitted from India, the United States and Kenya.


This year we had a special guest judge: Ravneet Pal Singh representing Eco-Sikh.

Thank you Eco-Sikh for all that you do for this great planet of ours!



And the Winners are…


$1,000 Cash Award



Directed by: Sukhmanjot Singh (Age 24) Jalandhar, India This heart-warming film explores the connection between the vibration of Gurbani and the elements of earth. It follows a classical musician as he travels to a small village that has been suffering from an extended drought. The movie asks the question whether our natural processes are simply natural. Or can prayer and devotion positively impact the environment? Beautiful musical score and cinematography accompany this film.



$1,000 Cash Award


Selfless Shade

Directed by:Raj Angad & Hardeep Singh (Age 24) Chandigarh, India This whimsical film tells a wonderful environmental story from the perspective of a sapling that grows into a tree. The film offers a tender narrative from the voice of the sapling, good tips for how to help grow trees, and a mystical tone that shares thes true purpose of a tree. Wonderfully scripted and filmed.



$1,000 Cash Award


Bute Da Prasad

Directed by: Junwar Raj Singh (Age 21) Jalandhar, India An innocent young boy begins to take an interest in caring for the earth. Going to Gurdwara, he discovers a new kind of “prasad” – a sapling that he can plant and care for on his own. The film posits the question – what would happen if spiritual places led the way for environmental restoration?



$500 Cash Award


Paani Pita

Directed by: Amrita Kaur Bhasin (Age 15) CA, USA This movie follows the story of a young boy who learns about environmental issues in his community. He travels to India, learning about pollution there. While also learning more about pollution in the United States. Over time, he begins to accept that it is his responsibility as a Sikh to preserve the environment and take action to help. The director, in this film, wanted to make a move that combined local issues in California with greater global issues. A thoughtful and well put together film.





The 5 R’s of Eco-Sikhism

Directed by: Dilraj Singh, Bhavanraj Singh and Jaskirat Kaur (Age 29+) Nairobi, Kenya Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. Restore. And respect. These are the 5 R’s that this short documentary examines, focusing on environmental problems and practices in Kenya. This educational, well-developed film gives practical tools and useful ideas for how we can, in small ways, begin to help heal the environment.

SikhNet extends a HUGE thanks to all of the directors, the casts and crews of these wonderful, thoughtful Sikh films. The films have made a terrific contribution to the voice of Sikh media. So much thought, care and effort goes into each of these movies. Every single one of these films will be watched for years to come.

Truly, every film is a winner.

All of the submissions to this year’s film festival can be viewed here.