Support the Youth Film Festival

Tenth Annual SikhNet Youth Film Festival

Call for 2015 Sponsors!

We need your help to support the youth in this journey of empowerment and discovery. Your donation will help cover the costs of prize money for the winners. There is a total of $3,500 in prize money, for the Junior and Intermediate divisions.



$1,000 Best Film Prize
$1,000 Best Film Prize
$1,000 Best Film Prize



$500 Best Film

Become a Sponsor

Your contribution towards the prize money will be recognized during the Film Festival, if you wish. Please become a sponsor today and help foster the next generation of Sikh media warriors.

If you would like your name listed as a supporter of the prizes, or would like to honor a loved one, please contact us. This would be displayed on the Film Festival prize page and when the winners are announced.