We Are Not Your SIkhs

When we came to know about the biggest scam in the history of the Sikhs by way of Bhai Ram Singh’s argumentative articles- we got steeped neck deep in shame. For us unfortunate ordinary beings, who else did we have for support than the Guru Sahib? There were no other means for us and our only life support had been snatched away from us- is what wefelt like.
We resolutely took charge and Guru Sahib gave us the right cues, we believe. Then we decided that we can’t stop at ourselves and our brethren at large needed to be told about this shameful conspiracy.
As soon as we started telling people about it, they invariably put it down as a baseless theory uncalled for. Those aged people won’t understand but the young ones had a chance. Striking the iron, thus when it’s hot.

Our sole aim is to invoke the conscience of Sikh nation. Our aim is that the Sikhs, especially the young ones, develop the curiosity to find out why the said subject is so life-important. If they end up reading Bhai Ram Singh’s article on the subject,we are sure a few conscientious efforts will definitely follow. Surely, a few hearts would thus move.

Special thanks to S. Mandeep Singh for his spending his after office hours profusely editing the video. Also, without his equipment and tech know-how, that video would not had come out this well. Guru Sahib shall bear fruit to his labours is our ardas.

Directed by:Savneet Singh (Age: 19)

Location:Delhi, India

Length:17 min 33 min



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