Sangat – The Company

Award winner in 2012
for Senior age group 29+


As the saying goes “A man is known by the company he keeps”. In this movie the protagonist, Gurmoh Singh, is a young Sikh who is living a happy life but due to certain unfavorable circumstances at the local Gurudwara Sahib, he decides to stop going there. Following which his life goes through a 360 degree change. Due to other turn of events in his life, he deviates from theRighteous path . And how he realizes in the end about this huge mistake of leaving the Gur sangat.

This has been a great experience for me as this is first time I have tried making a movie and this has been realized only because of the support and encouragement from the sangat itself. Its been a funfilled and memorable experience.

Thanks Sikhnet for providing such a wonderful platform!

Directed by: Gurpreet Singh (Age: 29+)
Location: Karnataka, Bangalore, India
Length: 15 min 13 sec




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