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The Kanda on the top of Keshghar SahibThe Kanda on the top of Keshghar Sahib
INTRODUCTION: Here at Sikhnet Central we've been hard at work over the last three weeks compiling, editing and publishing the incredible photo journal of our recent Yatra to the 1999 Tercentenial Bhaisakhi celebrations at Anandpur Sahib. Among the millions of people who came from all over India and the rest of the world, called by their longing and love for the Panth Khalsa , we were a small band of about 400 Western born Khalsa who made this sacred journey from all over Europe, Asia, the UK, Mexico, South America, Africa and the United States. Our group included the students of the Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar who, in fact, led the Yatrees during our many forays through the streets of Anandpur Sahib and the surrounding area. As we walked together on the sacred hills of Anandpur Sahib we touched the spirit and soul of those who were there 300 years ago and we felt the powerful presence of Guru Gobind Singh every moment of every day. We celebrated the rebirth of our spirit as our children proudly carried the banner of Khalsa and we chanted together in celebration, joy and gratitude for the entire Panth . This historical event had a powerful global impact, inspiring people all around the world with the values and love of Khalsa.   Whether you were there with us in body or in spirit, come join us now in the virtual world of Sikhnet and relive that joyous week through the Anandpur Sahib Yatra Photo Journal. - Guruka Singh Khalsa, Espanola, May 14th, 1999

The thick crowds of Sikhs in the streets of Anandpur Sahib to celebrate Baisakhi

"As we walk on this sacred land of Anandpur Sahib we touch the spirit and soul of those who were there 300 years ago. They were called by Guru Gobind Singh just as you now are called by the longing and love you have for the Panth Khalsa. This yatra is in celebration of the rebirth of our spirit so that our children will continue to carry this banner of Khalsa to all four corners of this world. This event could have the global impact to educate all people around the world on the values and love of Khalsa."
Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi, Espanola, January 1999



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