Taking a Sabbatical

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

Important announcement!

Last year, SikhNet.com completed its 11th annual SikhNet Youth Film Festival. When the Film Festival began over a decade ago, Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa had a dream to help Sikh youth get involved in, and learn the art of, movie-making.

In today’s world, the nature of media continues to evolve. As the Internet becomes an ever-expanding landscape, what constitutes effective  story-telling is also changing.

Because of this, SikhNet has decided to take a year sabbatical from the Youth Online Film Festival. During this year, we plan to do research, and to survey our user base, about how to re-invent the Film Festival in a way that best serves today’s media climate.

This means that SikhNet will not be holding an online film festival in 2017.

Please stay tuned to 2018 when we will share the results of our research and communicate about plans for the Youth Online Film Festival going forward.

The SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival has been a wonderful journey these last 11 years. It has produced so many wonderful films. Some were thought provoking, some were emotional, and some were entertaining. They all had their own unique voice. Many directors’ lives have been altered after participating in the film festival. In recent years the quality of videography has increased. The film festival has taken root especially in India, and turned into a passionate social movement with the youth.

We celebrate the success of over a decade’s worth of unique, Sikh-inspired media, produced primarily among Sikh youth from all over the world. We look forward to dialoguing with you about how we can reinvent the Film Festival to help Sikh youth acquire the skills and experience they need to communicate the Sikh story digitally into the 21st century.

Thank you,
The SikhNet Team

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