Devastation of Mother Nature

devastaion-of-mother-earth-directorSeveral environment issues have taken over the world and people are suffering from various diseases and life threatning issues. Someone must stand up else the world will be devastated and many lives will be gone.The film is purely fictional and based on a poor but happy family. The journey starts when the character leaves for work happily but sadly due to the changes in the environment, suffers badly. Eventually he dies , leaving his family behind . This wasn’t bearable to his son and he stands up for making a difference in the environment so that no one could be in the same situation as he was. How he manages to change the future of the planet is the cycle you must see.

Directed by: Lakshay ThakurĀ (Age: 20)
Location: East Delhi, Delhi, India
Length: 8 min 17 sec

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