Sikhs – Agents of Change

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How living our Guru’s teachings creates healing in the world.

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This year’s theme is about Sikh values in action; about thinking globally and acting locally. Sikhs serving the greater community and the world as a whole.


Sikh Values:


Find a story that is real or fictitious:

  • Highlight specific Sikh figures, historical or modern who created change through their example.

  • Highlight environmental issues and how Sikhs are creating change.

  • Tell stories about Sikh values in action.


Film Festival Deadline: Aug. 31


3 Chances for Intermediates (18-28) to win $1,000. We will be awarding the top 3 videos all with an equal prize.

mbsk_250We would like to extend our special thanks to the MBSK Foundation for helping to sponsor the Film Festival prizes this year.


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