Kirat Karo

This film is based on the eternal teaching of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. “Kirat karo” means “do hard work” – that a real Sikh or any human being should not opt for begging in any circumstance. The Almighty is always there to help him find a way out of his misery through their souls of one’s fellow Sikhs. It shows the  pride and honor of the Sikh community which believes not doing hard work and going out there to beg is something we are not supposed to do and similar message should be delivered by us to other people. For we are all humans and tied together by the bound of humanity so we are trying to deliver this message to everyone around the globe and not just Sikh humanity.

Directed by: Varinder Arora (Age: 25)
Location: Punjab, India
Length: 7 min 52 sec

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