The Voice Of A Silent Confessor

 2013 Bravery Award

taranveer-singhLately, in India, a trend of confession pages started up. When people were busy trying to curse each other anonymously, someone used this concept to make a page “eve teasing confessions” which lets anonymous females to confess their stories and the admin adds on his reviews, the can do’s and the could haves.
Using the concept of that page, I thought of the story which revolves around three lives. Each one of us, can relate to the innocence(which lets moral values to be imparted easily), the wisdom, and the silence. We all have some voices which deserved to be heard, some stories which deserve to be told, but there’s always a suppressing notion that staying silent, is staying safe. When the whole population is busy doing nothing about everything, one man with courage makes a majority. The end of the film depicts where exactly, to find that courage.

My experience – I used to edit birthday videos for my friends, scripted a couple of plays in the drama society i was in. Putting into use, all that experience and the photography skills, this is my second short film, and the completion in itself is a great achievement for me. The viewers strongly suggested me to send this film to this festival as the required theme really matched what’s shown in the film. So I’m hoping for this to be added on to my experience list.

Directed by: Taranveer Singh (Age: 20)
Location: Delhi, India
Length: 17 min 30 sec


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