Shiarv Singh Gove: Rise Of The Saint Soldier – Episodes 1 & 2

Shiarv Singh Gove: Rise Of The Saint Soldier is story I created of a Sikh warrior who would sacrifice all in the name of destiny. This is the story of the insignificant boy transformed by a drop of blood. Torn away from everything and everyone he cherished, he would be sought after, cut, burned, poisoned and starved. He would survive all this and more.

The boy would grow into a man; A man who would embrace the lion within himself and step forward to challenge the hearts of men.

The legend of Shiarv Singh Gove is a tale of triumph and failure, of betrayal, forgiveness, and of power and greed. It is the entire spectrum. Rise Of The Saint Soldier is about belief not only in oneself but in others as well, belief that we are all capable of showing the love we are meant to.

Directed by: Hushiar Singh Brar (Age: 26 or older)
Location: Brampton, Ontario – Canada
Length: 12 min,53 seconds

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