Baba Nanak

This video had been made as a Jatha (group) project in Samelan camp Bangkok, Thailand 2010. This video depicts various kinds of dukh (Pain/Sorrow) that any of us can go through, however those dukh (Pain/Sorrow) will go away once we come into Guruji’s sharan and implement his teachings and do Naam Simran everyday!!!
This video is a youth production and might lack in some areas however do consider that this was made in 2 days and the work of every member of our jatha (Jatha Nawab Kapoor Singh) has been earnest!!!

Directed by: Harshpreet Kaur, Marsha Kaur, Prabhsimran Singh, Bandhana Kaur, and Jaskirat Singh (Age: 18)
Location: Bangkok – Thailand
Length: 03 min,44 seconds

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