Akali Phoola Singh’s Jatha Music Video

A short music video that was made within a span of a day during the Gurmat Camp held in Bangkok, Thailand 2010 as a part of the Camp’s agenda for each Jatha participating. Our Jatha, Akali Phoola Singh was assigned this song and had no choice but to follow it and accordingly with a basic video camera we began to work. Not having much time and neither people with relevant background, we began to set our foot to work this film out. It was fun and beneficial however, the message and theme of the music should be the most important which is of course, our pride- our turbans. We hope you like this video and will continue to share and treasure the pride.

Directed by: Chaetan Saheb Singh (Age: 21)
Location: Pattaya, Cholburi – Thailand
Length: 2 min,52 seconds

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