Langar – Vand Chakna. Is the meaning lost?


Based on the real life experience of an international student coming to study in the UK, this video depicts some of the pleasant and some not so pleasant experiences that he has on visiting the local Gurudwara. While he is more than overwhelmed to meet the Western Sikhs and is highly impressed with the devotion that they have towards the religion but he does find out some unpleasant practices on his regular visits to the Gurudwara.
The intention of this video is purely to bring out such issues to the wider Sikh community about some of the practices related to the serving of Langar at some of the Gurudwaras. This is in no way a criticism of the management committee or the local people attending the services at the Gurudwara. Having said that we still feel there is still a huge opportunity for Sikhs to actually use the beautiful institution of Langar to actually spread the message of Selfless Service and Vand Chakna with the wider non-Sikh world around.
We might have said something unreasonable or critical in our video, for which we beg your pardon. Please ignore our mistakes as ignorant youth who have started taking interest in Sikhi and have yet to learn a lot. Hope this effort of ours serves it purpose of actually putting this idea across to the revered Sadh Sangat and makes Sikhs’ think about it.

Directed by: Baldip Singh & GauravGeet Singh (Age: 25)
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire – UK
Length: 19 min,18 seconds


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