Teri Mardi Jawe Ma

Today, language experts from all over the world are disturbed, as out of 6800 languages that existed in the world, only 600 languages would survive in future. This means, on an average, one language dies every 15 days. Whenever a language dies, the culture and religion attached to it also die. Experts are foreseeing that Punjabi language will get eliminated in the coming 50 years. The irony is that ,the grave of Punjabi language is being dug by her own beloved children.

Feeling the suffering of their mother tongue, we the students of Mata Jai Kaur Public School, have made this small film – ‘Teri Mardi Jawe Maa’. With the help of this small effort, we want to wake up all Punjabi fraternity from their slumber. Let us all contribute towards our beloved language and put some effort, so that we can feel proud about our culture and language. Let us teach the future generation to respect and love ‘Punjabi’ and ‘Punjabiyat’.

In this film, at least 50 students of classes V to XII have contributed towards acting as well as other technical aspects of the film.

2nd place competition winner in 2008
for age group 11-17

Directed by: Lovejot Singh and Sahebir Singh (Age: 16)
Location: Delhi, DelhiIndia
Length: 24 min,24 seconds


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