Bhooley Marg Jinhe Bataya

The movie “Bhule Marg Jine Bataya” depicts how the Sikh community is being led astray by some self-proclaimed ‘babas’ for their own vested interests, thus inflicting intense damage to tenets of Sikhism as defined by our revered Gurus. Our Gurus have inscribed their Bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and emphasized Naam Simran. It is stated to be THE ONLY WAY to reach the Almighty.

The film tries to give a message to the derailed Sikh community, so that they may return to the path shown by our Gurus.

Directed by: Bhupinder Batth (Age: 21)
Location: ChandigarhUnion Territory – India
Length: 24 min,30 seconds

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