Rehni Rahe Soi Sikh Mera

Rehni Rahe Soi Sikh Mera – Sikhi is not by birth but by choice. Sikhism is not bound to any caste, color, creed etc. Anybody who follows Guru jee’s teachings becomes a Sikh ,a student, a learner and this wonderful learning of living a peaceful life never ends rather it teaches, impress so many other lives to live in a Sikhi way!!!


Honorable Mention Award 2010
“Best Acting” Award for best overall acting performances



Directed by: Gagandeep Kaur, Raminder Singh, Randeep Singh [SOCH]  (Age: 25)
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – India
Length: 16 min,35 seconds


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  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh gg…

    all i can say is SUPERB…..excellent concept….will clear a lot of misconceptions in today`s sikh minds..
    haths off to ur full team guys…and yaar especially mata gg…m their fan now….very good acting….
    GOD bless u all …..may u get all success in wtever u r do….best of luck for the competition..great work everyone…. :)

  2. was surprised by the video an amritdhaari having a girldfriend where and when does that start i might be judged for "my strict" opinion but still and how come the video was staged in front of guru granth sahib thats totally wrong

    • Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
      Veerji, I totally disagree with this comment. The hero is having a non-sikh background. We are not shown anything about the past hardships that this person might have gone through just because he chose to be someone he wants to be and not his family. So how can we conclude anything like this from this video.

      Only thing I can conclude from this video is the hard work done by the team. Most beautiful thing about this movie is that it dares to challenge the commonlly accepted believe that Person becomes a Sikh just if he is born in a Sikh family.

      I really appreciate the work done by this team. Keep it up. Hope to see more such movies from you people, which are thought provoking and dares to challenge the wrong preceptions of the society.

      And, Mata Ji did a wonderful Job. She deserves some good role in Bollywood as well :-)

      Guru Angg Sangg

    • @singh khalsa
      bhaii kadi lava di photoyan ya video nai dekhi ……………
      ohh kide agge hundiya ne ??

      te bhaii hun sikh bande gf bnan nu kehri afat aa gayi
      ohna ne viah nai karvanan

    • I am an Amritdhari.. i have a girlfriend.. and i m gonna marry her soon… We both know our limits… thats what matter the most… An Amritdhari also has a right to chose person of his/her choice… :-)

    • Superb acting by mata jee…it reminded me of history where rani jinda kaur denied to accept her son when she found that he had cut his hair. the last scene was well acted by all three of them..even son acted so well.
      kudos to whole team

  3. Well Done All the team! This is one of best short film addressing some of very difficult issue in the community. Acting was superb…..well done again…May guru sahib bless you with more seva.

  4. Eh saadi kaum di badi waddi Sachai hai ….Babaji meher karan sab teh…..n Thanks for bringing this up ….keep up the good work ….Kudos….

    Wahegur ji Ka Khalsa ….Waheguru ji ki Fateh …..!!!!

  5. mataji's acting was gud..but did nt liked the part when the daughter is telling her mother about her boyfriend in front of guru granth sahib ji…
    also, bibian shd hav covered their heads with dupattas atleast if nt dastar as shown on front page here,.
    guru rakha.

  6. Absolutely Nihal!!!
    Loved the whole concept behind this. Very original story and way of presenting is beautiful.
    Mata ji was mind blowing. I had goosebumps watching her performance

  7. @singh khalsa
    bhaii kadi lava di photoyan ya video nai dekhi ……………
    ohh kide agge hundiya ne ??

    te bhaii hun sikh bande gf bnan nu kehri afat aa gayi
    ohna ne viah nai karvanan

  8. @munna: It's really disappointing to find such silly comments like this. It just degrades the whole discussion. I dont wanna praise the girl just cause an idiot passed a comment but Everyone did a marvelous job

  9. Great effort! Great acting! nd well edited… people dont realise the problems we are facing, it is important to bring them up and make people realise before its too late. The confidence in our people is going down. no one is strong enough to stand up to guru's teaching…..marriage in another cast what will people say?…….having a turban what will people say……?
    Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out!

    wowwww, that was an awesome way to deliver this message. and this message definitely needs to be addressed in india. and please keep it up!
    thank you

  11. It was really an honest portrayal…well done keep it up u derserved the award….parents need to understand this message too..that if a gursikh boy wants to marry a gursikh girl the caste system shouldn't be considered at all..i can relate to this story..thanks

  12. haha this was hilarious but sad in a way also derogatory why didnt the women wear kesgi for? how are they sikh then?
    in the video the girl said: rehni rahai soi sikh meraa,
    but look at u
    ur walking around with an uncovered head
    u cant tie dastaar?
    isnt that part of khalsa rehit rehni?

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