Shocking Truth about a Gurudwara at Haridwar

This Video is very shocking and very sad . Its About the truth of a Ancient and Historical Gurudwar at har ki paudi , Haridwar. see itself and gain knowledge of anti-sikh activities by Administration at Haridwar.

Directed by: Charanjeet Singh (Age: 20)
Location: New Delhi, Delhi – India
Length: 6 min,54 seconds

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  1. Real good work! What should be done. Let the singhs rally down to the gurdwara tyar bar tyar and bring those photos down. Let's do it every year if they put them up again. Let's not worry about the consequences. Let's just involve the sewadar too. Let them think they've been robbed off their precious photos. Gonna go with all shastar bastar!
    Liked the intensity of the video

  2. Charanjeet Singh ji by telling half truth you should not convince people. I am not a hindu or even a sikh but after watching the video I was also very shocked so I took an initiative to know why the place is in this condition as I am a citizen of haridwar. I actually found out the gurdwara @ harkipori got demolished in 1924 floods and the whole sikh community decided to built a gurdwara at a more safer place.Hence creating gurdwara Singh sabha and slowly and slowly the GURUDWARA SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI became unpopular and vacant day by day even the sevadar you saw, leaves the gurdwara in the night and go to gurdwara Singh sabha. Now what do you expect general public to do with a vacant not supervised place the go and occupy it. D situation their is like someone left something and the other one took it, i also confirmed that is der any organisations behind the demolition actually that are is out of bound of the ganga seva samity u mentiond about in your video. My request to you iss to kindly dig deep if u can and please chnge the facts the you display in your video

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