Everyday is a Miracle

Based on a poem that inspires us to respect the world and to take time to contemplate the wonders of The One.

3rd place competition winner in 2010
for Senior age group (26+)

Directed by: Dr Savi and Rohin Arora (Age: 26 or older)
Location: Isleworth, Middlesex – United Kingdom
Length: 5 min


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  1. This is just such a fantastic concept video. We are thinking of replicating this across all our poems in our book Spiritual Poetry: A Disciple's Journey! What did everyone think about this video and this idea?! Buy the full book at Amazon.co.uk or visit SpiritualPoetry.co.uk for more info ;).

  2. very inspiring! beautiful poetry Jasdeep :) i like the reminder to acknowledge the infinite in what seem to be the most basic human experiences and to be grateful for those experiences we so often take for granted, and for the miracle of each precious moment. WaheGuru!

  3. I love the poetry and have bought the book but tbh this video put me to sleep after 30 seconds. Be a bit more creative than the makers of high school biology documentaries.

    At the end he says "sometimes we need to wake up and realise that" well how am i going to do that if you put me to sleep with your video?!! Lol

    No hard feelings, I know you have good intentions.

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