Don’t Mess With Manmohan

Dont Mess With Manmohan - director picWe join our hero in the depths of Hounslow where, in trouble with the local gang, having a difficult time at home, failing to impress with his idiosyncratic fashion sense, it is clear that he has lost his way. One day, however, he makes a decision that may just change his life… forever

3rd place competition winner in 2009
for age group 18-25

Directed by: Jamie Stern-Weiner & Narvir Singh Khosa (Age: 19)
Location: London, MiddlesexUnited Kingdom
Length: 16 min,40 seconds



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  1. Brilliant! Apart from a few bits that were a bit too cheesy for me, this is one of the better Sikhnet films I have seen. You deserve a prize for this. Well done.

    • Jasdeep, When I saw this video I totally thought of you guys. This video is in the same “tradition” as your last years “Ghost-busters” video. I was sure you must have been involved in the video. :)

  2. This film was brilliant! Everything from the storyline to the editing! Well done to you both. And I agree with Tirath in that you really do deserve an award for this! Good luck to you :)

  3. Guru’s kirpa that was sik man… jokes aswell.. but manmohan aint that gr8..he is a joke. but the video gave out a good message. oh n luvd d gatka lol… carry on doin wot you’re doin guys.. vjkk vjkf!

  4. Mr Singh…I love it!!!! 😀 you smashed it…and its better that its good seeing as you told me you were busy 😛 or else i’d have told you to go get me some samosa’s lmao see you in a few weeks where you’ll be continuing your hard work 😀

  5. well over due-
    hope this plays on bbc-

    why was his mum speaking in a spanish punjabi accent?

    a great message- sikhs dont believe in ritualisms or superstitions or fake god men

  6. Thanks for all the supportive comments guys. Just to clarify: our film is not intended to be a comment, either negative or positive, on Manmohan Singh the actual political figure.

  7. excellent video boys, keep up the good work!!. Just wandering about the shabad “Gobinday Mukunday”,who is it by? I came accross that video on youtube before but can’t seem to find it.

  8. So thats why you missed the gatka sessions!!! ok I’ll let it go!

    Great video, great message and brilliant acting – watch out bollywood or should I say hollywood!

    Seriously I really enjoyed it, gives a serious message without trying – well done!!!

  9. yar teri movies te bhot hi vadiya se. I don’t know why it did not went for 1st prize. Maybe judges were looking for some msg movie and not a fun movie. Otherwise this is best movie in terms of direction, acting and script. I hope to see u coming up with more contribution towards the next fetival. I enjoyed ur movie alot and was expecting to be no 1.

    wish u a good luck for next season. ………..

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