Benti Choupai - Guru Gobind Singh ji's Bani for Protection

This beautiful rendition of Benti Chaupai is by Bhai Lakhvir Singh ji! 

May it continue to inspire your daily Bani practice.

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Benti Choupai is  part of the Nitnem Banis and Rehiraas Sahib and can be read anytime during the day for positivity, security, and protection.  Benti Choupai can help when we are inundated with stories about war, economic uncertainty and fear for the future of the planet. Guru Gobind Singh ji composed Benti Choupai in times of great duress for Sikhs, and in today's world, Benti Choupai still carries the power to help us: 

  • feel greater confidence
  • for defense against external and internal enemies
  • to help us deal with worries and afflictions

The Gurmukhi text of Benti Choupai is very powerful and can help us feel more upbeat and it strengthens our connection to the Divine. We can also recite Benti Choupai not only for our own protection, but also for the protection of our fellow humans, our planet, our families and communities and those who are suffering from greater harm such as war or the insecurities it wreaks. 

Download this beautiful rendition of Benti Choupai today if you want to

  • feel more peace

  • transform negative feelings into inner strength

  • strengthen your connection with the Divine