The Spirit of Gurbani

The Spirit of Gurbani

In this video, Siri Singh Sahib ji discussed the sacredness that comes when we meditate in the ambrosial hours, and the ...

"Man’s happiness is based on his religious strength, his reality. Sometimes you do feel that monetary arrangements, and political arrangements, and social arrangements, and physical arrangements are the source of happiness. No, that’s not true. Real happiness is comes when you are you, and you are powerful within you. Your power within you is useful, powerful and it is understood by others.

Ultimately, when love is established, question does not arise. As long as there is a question, there is duality. As long there is a question, there’s a search. As long as there is a question, there is a desire. When love is established, then one becomes one with the One. Then there’s no question. No answer. Nobody questions anybody.

Guru Nanak said – your actions will be covered by your sacredness. Your secret love of God, which you will practice in the ambrosial hours, through your sadhana, through your discipline, through your strength, will give you sacredness. And it is the sacredness which brings worship. Sacredness is very powerful. Sacredness is what totality is. Sacredness is what truth is. Sacredness is what love it. It is the purity. It is the piety.

In the time of Nanak, man was made independent. Man was not supposed to worship a man. Man was supposed to worship the Shabad. Pavana Guru. These are the words of Nanak which were completed by Guru Gobind Singh by giving the Guru Gaddi to Siri Guru Granth."

- Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi ji

This video is courtesy of Sikh Dharma International . Check out their entire "Light of the Shabad Guru" video series by Siri Singh Sahib Yogiji.

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