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Gurbani recitation in an non-traditional style accompained by Guitar and other western musical instruments.

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Long Lost Tracks (Los Angeles - 1991)

All of those tracks were written and recorded by me. Lyrics by SSS and done on an assignment by him.  They were recorded in Los Angeles. Peace Prayer was made for one of the first peace Prayer days and he asked me to make it  as a gift for the dignitaries who we’re attending. Innocent Child was written as a suggestion by me because The National Institute of mental health was having a song contest to aid in the prevention of child abuse.  I suggested we enter. I submitted that recording and we got second place. He played Innocent Child in class a few times.

Mountain of Smoke

Mountain of Smoke is a new album by Livtar Singh and Snatam Kaur. It is scheduled for Spring 2019 release but you can purchase it now at

The track list is as follows:

1. Beyond the Far Horizon (05:48)
2. I Bow (08:01)
3. Mountain of Smoke (06:50)
4. Longing for Home (06:21)
5. Walk Upon the Marble (09:05)
6. Into the Radiance (06:39)
7. Gobinday I Love You (06:25)



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