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Listen to different podcasts discussing specific sections of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sikh talks on different topics

Sikh Meets World Podcast - Season 02

This podcast aims to explore the lives of exemplary Sikhs in politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more, in order to understand their story and career, as well as how their faith has influenced their success. Not only do we discuss the pressing issues that matter to them, but we also ask them for advice and guidance, so others can do the same.

Sikhist Podcast

The Sikhist podcast is a project started to help get a Sikh perspective out there in the podcast space. I have been a huge fan of podcasts for many years and always felt this space could use more representations of Sikh voices. Our topics will cover a wide range of subjects such as religion, mental health, philosophy to entertainment, sports and more! I also want to interview experts in their respective fields to help bring valuable information to our community. I hope the Sikhist podcast can spread knowledge while still being entertaining. 

Mann Jeetey Jagg Jeeteya

In previous podcasts, I discussed importance of finding our mool. Mool cannot be realized without understanding Mann. Understanding Mann itself is victory over Mann.  Understanding our own Mann and its working, ultimately leads to overpowering or winning over Mann. One who has understood his/her own Mann, also understands braham. In other words one becomes a Braham Giyani or it can be said that Naam has revealed itself to a Sikh.


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