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sdw Akl ilv rhY krn isau ieCw cwrh ] (1392-1, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
sadaa akal liv rahai karan si-o ichhaa chaarah.
Your mind remains lovingly attuned to the Lord forever; You do whatever you desire.

dRüm spUr ijau invY KvY ksu ibml bIcwrh ] (1392-2, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
darum sapoor ji-o nivai khavai kas bimal beechaareh.
Like the tree heavy with fruit, You bow in humility, and endure the pain of it; You are pure of thought.

iehY qqu jwixE srb giq AlKu ibfwxI ] (1392-2, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
ihai tat jaani-o sarab gat alakh bidaanee.
You realize this reality, that the Lord is All-pervading, Unseen and Amazing.

shj Bwie sMicE ikrix AMimRq kl bwxI ] (1392-3, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
sahj bhaa-ay sanchi-o kiran amrit kal banee.
With intuitive ease, You send forth the rays of the Ambrosial Word of power.

gur gim pRmwxu qY pwieE squ sMqoKu gRwhij lXO ] (1392-3, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
gur gam parmaan tai paa-i-o sat santokh garaahaj la-you.
You have risen to the state of the certified Guru; you grasp truth and contentment.

hir prisE klu smulvY jn drsnu lhxy BXO ]6] (1392-4, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
har parsi-o kal samulavai jan darsan lahnay bha-you. ||6||
KAL proclaims, that whoever attains the Blessed Vision of the Darshan of Lehnaa, meets with the Lord. ||6||

min ibswsu pwieE ghir ghu hdriQ dIE ] (1392-4, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
man bisaas paa-i-o gahar gahu hadrath dee-o.
My mind has faith, that the Prophet has given You access to the Profound Lord.

grl nwsu qin nTXo Aimau AMqrgiq pIE ] (1392-5, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
garal naas tan nathyo ami-o antargat pee-o.
Your body has been purged of the deadly poison; You drink the Ambrosial Nectar deep within.

irid ibgwsu jwigE AliK kl DrI jugMqir ] (1392-5, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
rid bigaas jaagi-o alakh kal Dharee jugantar.
Your Heart has blossomed forth in awareness of the Unseen Lord, who has infused His Power throughout the ages.

siqguru shj smwiD rivE swmwin inrMqir ] (1392-6, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
satgur sahj samaaDh ravi-o saamaan nirantar.
O True Guru, You are intuitively absorbed in Samaadhi, with continuity and equality.

audwrau icq dwird hrn ipKMiqh klml qRsn ] (1392-6, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
udaara-o chit daarid haran pikhantai kalmal tarsan.
You are open-minded and large-hearted, the Destroyer of poverty; seeing You, sins are afraid.

sd rMig shij klu aucrY jsu jMpau lhxy rsn ]7] (1392-7, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
sad rang sahj kal uchrai jas jampa-o lahnay rasan. ||7||
Says KAL, I lovingly, continually, intuitively chant the Praises of Lehnaa with my tongue. ||7||

nwmu AvKDu nwmu AwDwru Aru nwmu smwiD suKu sdw nwm nIswxu sohY ] (1392-7, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
naam avkhaDh naam aaDhaar ar naam samaaDh sukh sadaa naam neesaan sohai.
The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is our medicine; the Naam is our support; the Naam is the peace of Samaadhi. The Naam is the insignia which embellishes us forever.

rMig rqO nwm isau kl nwmu suir nrh bohY ] (1392-8, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
rang ratou naam si-o kal naam sur narah bohai.
KAL is imbued with the Love of the Naam, the Naam which is the fragrance of gods and human beings.

nwm prsu ijin pwieE squ pRgitE riv loie ] (1392-9, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
naam paras jin paa-i-o sat pargati-o rav lo-ay.
Whoever obtains the Naam, the Philosopher's Stone, becomes the embodiment of Truth, manifest and radiant throughout the world.

drsin prisAY gurU kY ATsiT mjnu hoie ]8] (1392-9, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
darsan parsi-ai guroo kai athsath majan ho-ay. ||8||
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan, it is as if one has bathed at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage. ||8||

scu qIrQu scu iesnwnu Aru Bojnu Bwau scu sdw scu BwKMqu sohY ] (1392-10, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
sach tirath sach isnaan ar bhojan bhaa-o sach sadaa sach bhaakhant sohai.
The True Name is the sacred shrine, the True Name is the cleansing bath of purification and food. The True Name is eternal love; chant the True Name, and be embellished.

scu pwieE gur sbid scu nwmu sMgqI bohY ] (1392-10, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
sach paa-i-o gur sabad sach naam sangtee bohai.
The True Name is obtained through the Word of the Guru's Shabad; the Sangat, the Holy Congregation, is fragrant with the True Name.

ijsu scu sMjmu vrqu scu kib jn kl vKwxu ] (1392-11, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
jis sach sanjam varat sach kab jan kal vakhaan.
KAL the poet utters the Praises of the one whose self-discipline is the True Name, and whose fast is the True Name.

drsin prisAY gurU kY scu jnmu prvwxu ]9] (1392-11, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, kl)
darsan parsi-ai guroo kai sach janam parvaan. ||9||
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan, one's life is approved and certified in the True Name. ||9||

AimA idRsit suB krY hrY AG pwp skl ml ] (1392-12, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
ami-a darisat subh karai harai agh paap sakal mal.
When You bestow Your Ambrosial Glance of Grace, You eradicate all wickedness, sin and filth.

kwm k®oD Aru loB moh vis krY sBY bl ] (1392-12, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
kaam kroDh ar lobh moh vas karai sabhai bal.
Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment - You have overcome all these powerful passions.

sdw suKu min vsY duKu sMswrh KovY ] (1392-13, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
sadaa sukh man vasai dukh sansaarah khovai.
Your mind is filled with peace forever; You banish the sufferings of the world.

guru nv iniD drIAwau jnm hm kwlK DovY ] (1392-13, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
gur nav niDh daree-aa-o janam ham kaalakh Dhovai.
The Guru is the river of the nine treasures, washing off the dirt of our lives.

su khu tl guru syvIAY Aihinis shij suBwie ] (1392-14, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
so kaho tal gur sayvee-ai ahinis sahj subhaa-ay.
So speaks TAL the poet: serve the Guru, day and night, with intuitive love and affection.

drsin prisAY gurU kY jnm mrx duKu jwie ]10] (1392-14, sveIey mhly dUjy ky, tl)
darsan parsi-ai guroo kai janam maran dukh jaa-ay. ||10||
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Guru, the pains of death and rebirth are taken away. ||10||

sveIey mhly qIjy ky 3 (1392-16)
sava-ee-ay mahlay teejay kay 3
Swaiyas In Praise Of The Third Mehl:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1392-16)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

soeI purKu isvir swcw jw kw ieku nwmu AClu sMswry ] (1392-17, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
so-ee purakh sivar saachaa jaa kaa ik naam achhal sansaaray.
Dwell upon that Primal Being, the True Lord God; in this world, His One Name is Undeceivable.

ijin Bgq Bvjl qwry ismrhu soeI nwmu prDwnu ] (1392-17, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
jin bhagat bhavjal taaray simrahu so-ee naam parDhaan.
He carries His devotees across the terrifying world-ocean; meditate in remembrance on His Naam, Supreme and Sublime.

iqqu nwim risku nwnku lhxw QipE jyn sRb isDI ] (1392-18, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
tit naam rasik naanak lahnaa thapi-o jayn sarab siDhee.
Nanak delighted in the Naam; He established Lehnaa as Guru, who was imbued with all supernatural spiritual powers.

kiv jn kl� sbuDI kIriq jn Amrdws ibs�rIXw ] (1392-18, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
kav jan kal-y sabuDhee keerat jan amardaas bistree-yaa.
So speaks KALL the poet: the glory of the wise, sublime and humble Amar Daas is spread throughout the world.

kIriq riv ikrix pRgit sMswrh swK qrovr mvlsrw ] (1392-19, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
keerat rav kiran pargat sansaarah saakh tarovar mavalsaraa.
His Praises radiate throughout the world, like the rays of the sun, and the branches of the maulsar (fragrant) tree.

auqir diKxih puib Aru psçim jY jY kwru jpMiQ nrw ] (1392-19, sveIey mhly qIjy ky, kl�)
utar dakh-nahi pub ar pascham jai jai kaar japanth naraa.
In the north, south, east and west, people proclaim Your Victory.