Page 327

qn mih hoqI koit aupwiD ] (327-1, gauVI, kbIr jI)
tan meh hotee kot upaaDh.
My body was afflicted with millions of diseases.

aulit BeI suK shij smwiD ] (327-1, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ulat bha-ee sukh sahj samaaDh.
They have been transformed into the peaceful, tranquil concentration of Samaadhi.

Awpu pCwnY AwpY Awp ] (327-1, gauVI, kbIr jI)
aap pachhaanai aapai aap.
When someone understands his own self,

rogu n ibAwpY qInO qwp ]2] (327-1, gauVI, kbIr jI)
rog na bi-aapai teenou taap. ||2||
he no longer suffers from illness and the three fevers. ||2||

Ab mnu aulit snwqnu hUAw ] (327-2, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ab man ulat sanaatan hoo-aa.
My mind has now been restored to its original purity.

qb jwinAw jb jIvq mUAw ] (327-2, gauVI, kbIr jI)
tab jaani-aa jab jeevat moo-aa.
When I became dead while yet alive, only then did I come to know the Lord.

khu kbIr suiK shij smwvau ] (327-2, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kaho kabeer sukh sahj samaava-o.
Says Kabeer, I am now immersed in intuitive peace and poise.

Awip n frau n Avr frwvau ]3]17] (327-3, gauVI, kbIr jI)
aap na dara-o na avar daraava-o. ||3||17||
I do not fear anyone, and I do not strike fear into anyone else. ||3||17||

gauVI kbIr jI ] (327-3)
ga-orhee kabeer jee.
Gauree, Kabeer Jee:

ipMif mUAY jIau ikh Gir jwqw ] (327-3, gauVI, kbIr jI)
pind moo-ai jee-o kih ghar jaataa.
When the body dies, where does the soul go?

sbid AqIiq Anwhid rwqw ] (327-4, gauVI, kbIr jI)
sabad ateet anaahad raataa.
It is absorbed into the untouched, unstruck melody of the Word of the Shabad.

ijin rwmu jwinAw iqnih pCwinAw ] (327-4, gauVI, kbIr jI)
jin raam jaani-aa tineh pachhaani-aa.
Only one who knows the Lord realizes Him.

ijau gUMgy swkr mnu mwinAw ]1] (327-5, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ji-o goongay saakar man maani-aa. ||1||
The mind is satisfied and satiated, like the mute who eats the sugar candy and just smiles, without speaking. ||1||

AYsw igAwnu kQY bnvwrI ] (327-5, gauVI, kbIr jI)
aisaa gi-aan kathai banvaaree.
Such is the spiritual wisdom which the Lord has imparted.

mn ry pvn idRV suKmn nwrI ]1] rhwau ] (327-5, gauVI, kbIr jI)
man ray pavan darirh sukhman naaree. ||1|| rahaa-o.
O mind, hold your breath steady within the central channel of the Sushmanaa. ||1||Pause||

so guru krhu ij bhuir n krnw ] (327-6, gauVI, kbIr jI)
so gur karahu je bahur na karnaa.
Adopt such a Guru, that you shall not have to adopt another again.

so pdu rvhu ij bhuir n rvnw ] (327-6, gauVI, kbIr jI)
so pad ravhu je bahur na ravnaa.
Dwell in such a state, that you shall never have to dwell in any other.

so iDAwnu Drhu ij bhuir n Drnw ] (327-6, gauVI, kbIr jI)
so Dhi-aan Dharahu je bahur na Dharnaa.
Embrace such a meditation, that you shall never have to embrace any other.

AYsy mrhu ij bhuir n mrnw ]2] (327-7, gauVI, kbIr jI)
aisay marahu je bahur na marnaa. ||2||
Die in such a way, that you shall never have to die again. ||2||

aultI gMgw jmun imlwvau ] (327-7, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ultee gangaa jamun milaava-o.
Turn your breath away from the left channel, and away from the right channel, and unite them in the central channel of the Sushmanaa.

ibnu jl sMgm mn mih [email protected] ] (327-7, gauVI, kbIr jI)
bin jal sangam man meh nHaava-o.
At their confluence within your mind, take your bath there without water.

locw smsir iehu ibauhwrw ] (327-8, gauVI, kbIr jI)
lochaa samsar ih bi-uhaaraa.
To look upon all with an impartial eye - let this be your daily occupation.

qqu bIcwir ikAw Avir bIcwrw ]3] (327-8, gauVI, kbIr jI)
tat beechaar ki-aa avar beechaaraa. ||3||
Contemplate this essence of reality - what else is there to contemplate? ||3||

Apu qyju bwie ipRQmI Awkwsw ] (327-8, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ap tayj baa-ay parithmee aakaasaa.
Water, fire, wind, earth and ether

AYsI rhq rhau hir pwsw ] (327-9, gauVI, kbIr jI)
aisee rahat raha-o har paasaa.
- adopt such a way of life and you shall be close to the Lord.

khY kbIr inrMjn iDAwvau ] (327-9, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kahai kabeer niranjan Dhi-aava-o.
Says Kabeer, meditate on the Immaculate Lord.

iqqu Gir jwau ij bhuir n Awvau ]4]18] (327-9, gauVI, kbIr jI)
tit ghar jaa-o je bahur na aava-o. ||4||18||
Go to that home, which you shall never have to leave. ||4||18||

gauVI kbIr jI iqpdy ] (327-10)
ga-orhee kabeer jee tipday.
Gauree, Kabeer Jee, Ti-Padas:

kMcn isau pweIAY nhI qoil ] (327-10, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kanchan si-o paa-ee-ai nahee tol.
He cannot be obtained by offering your weight in gold.

mnu dy rwmu lIAw hY moil ]1] (327-10, gauVI, kbIr jI)
man day raam lee-aa hai mol. ||1||
But I have bought the Lord by giving my mind to Him. ||1||

Ab moih rwmu Apunw kir jwinAw ] (327-11, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ab mohi raam apunaa kar jaani-aa.
Now I recognize that He is my Lord.

shj suBwie myrw mnu mwinAw ]1] rhwau ] (327-11, gauVI, kbIr jI)
sahj subhaa-ay mayraa man maani-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
My mind is intuitively pleased with Him. ||1||Pause||

bRhmY kiQ kiQ AMqu n pwieAw ] (327-12, gauVI, kbIr jI)
barahmai kath kath ant na paa-i-aa.
Brahma spoke of Him continually, but could not find His limit.

rwm Bgiq bYTy Gir AwieAw ]2] (327-12, gauVI, kbIr jI)
raam bhagat baithay ghar aa-i-aa. ||2||
Because of my devotion to the Lord, He has come to sit within the home of my inner being. ||2||

khu kbIr cMcl miq iqAwgI ] (327-12, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kaho kabeer chanchal mat ti-aagee.
Says Kabeer, I have renounced my restless intellect.

kyvl rwm Bgiq inj BwgI ]3]1]19] (327-13, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kayval raam bhagat nij bhaagee. ||3||1||19||
It is my destiny to worship the Lord alone. ||3||1||19||

gauVI kbIr jI ] (327-13)
ga-orhee kabeer jee.
Gauree, Kabeer Jee:

ijh mrnY sBu jgqu qrwisAw ] (327-13, gauVI, kbIr jI)
jih marnai sabh jagat taraasi-aa.
That death which terrifies the entire world

so mrnw gur sbid pRgwisAw ]1] (327-14, gauVI, kbIr jI)
so marnaa gur sabad pargaasi-aa. ||1||
- the nature of that death has been revealed to me, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad. ||1||

Ab kYsy mrau mrin mnu mwinAw ] (327-14, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ab kaisay mara-o maran man maani-aa.
Now, how shall I die? My mind has already accepted death.

mir mir jwqy ijn rwmu n jwinAw ]1] rhwau ] (327-14, gauVI, kbIr jI)
mar mar jaatay jin raam na jaani-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Those who do not know the Lord, die over and over again, and then depart. ||1||Pause||

mrno mrnu khY sBu koeI ] (327-15, gauVI, kbIr jI)
marno maran kahai sabh ko-ee.
Everyone says, "I will die, I will die."

shjy mrY Amru hoie soeI ]2] (327-15, gauVI, kbIr jI)
sehjay marai amar ho-ay so-ee. ||2||
But he alone becomes immortal, who dies with intuitive understanding. ||2||

khu kbIr min BieAw Anµdw ] (327-16, gauVI, kbIr jI)
kaho kabeer man bha-i-aa anandaa.
Says Kabeer, my mind is filled with bliss;

gieAw Brmu rihAw prmwnµdw ]3]20] (327-16, gauVI, kbIr jI)
ga-i-aa bharam rahi-aa parmaanandaa. ||3||20||
my doubts have been eliminated, and I am in ecstasy. ||3||20||

gauVI kbIr jI ] (327-16)
ga-orhee kabeer jee.
Gauree, Kabeer Jee:

kq nhI Taur mUlu kq lwvau ] (327-17, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
kat nahee tha-ur mool kat laava-o.
There is no special place where the soul aches; where should I apply the ointment?

Kojq qn mih Taur n pwvau ]1] (327-17, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
khojat tan meh tha-ur na paava-o. ||1||
I have searched the body, but I have not found such a place. ||1||

lwgI hoie su jwnY pIr ] (327-17, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
laagee ho-ay so jaanai peer.
He alone knows it, who feels the pain of such love;

rwm Bgiq AnIAwly qIr ]1] rhwau ] (327-18, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
raam bhagat anee-aalay teer. ||1|| rahaa-o.
the arrows of the Lord's devotional worship are so sharp! ||1||Pause||

eyk Bwie dyKau sB nwrI ] (327-18, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
ayk bhaa-ay daykh-a-u sabh naaree.
I look upon all His soul-brides with an impartial eye;

ikAw jwnau sh kaun ipAwrI ]2] (327-18, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
ki-aa jaan-o sah ka-un pi-aaree. ||2||
how can I know which ones are dear to the Husband Lord? ||2||

khu kbIr jw kY msqik Bwgu ] (327-19, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
kaho kabeer jaa kai mastak bhaag.
Says Kabeer, one who has such destiny inscribed upon her forehead

sB prhir qw kau imlY suhwgu ]3]21] (327-19, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI)
sabh parhar taa ka-o milai suhaag. ||3||21||
- her Husband Lord turns all others away, and meets with her. ||3||21||