Focus Photography Screen Savers

The following links at the bottom of the page contain many of the photographs from "Focus Photography" screen savers. I just wanted to give you a taste of what some of the pictures look like. All the photos in the screen saver programs are high quality, full size, full color pictures.

Vertical Pictures of the Golden Temple (12 pictures)

Horizontal Pictures of the Golden Temple (30 pictures)

The following screen saver versions are available for the "Microsoft Windows" operating system.
(Future Macintosh versions may or may not be available, depending on how well business goes. The earnings from this program are helping support me going to college; So PLEASE pay for the copy if you get it from someone else). I will be making the screen savers available for down load in the near future. Payment and a registration number will be required to use the full program

The Golden Temple - $25 - Hari Mandir Sahib and surroundings.
Sikh Saints - $15 - Pictures of different saints and Gurus
Spirituality -$25 - Beautiful paintings of Gurus, symbols (Ekongkar/Adi Shakti), and scenes.
Yogi Bhajan - $25

(Shipping cost are included for U.S. orders. Please add $2 Shipping and handling for other countries).

TO ORDER, please mail a check or money order (in US. funds) to-

GuruMustuk Singh Khalsa
c/o Sun & Son
510 N Guadalupe, Suite D
Santa Fe, NM. 87501

For more information contact me in one of the following ways-

Phone - (505)989-5000
Fax - (505)989-5333
E-mail- [email protected]

When Ordering, please include your name, address, phone number and E-mail address.

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