basant charhi-aa foolee banraa-ay

bsMqu mhlw 3 ] (1176-19)
basant mehlaa 3.
Basant, Third Mehl:

bsMqu ciVAw PUlI bnrwie ]
basant charhi-aa foolee banraa-ay.
Spring has come, and all the plants are flowering.

eyih jIA jMq PUlih hir icqu lwie ]1]
ayhi jee-a jant fooleh har chit laa-ay. ||1||
These beings and creatures blossom forth when they focus their consciousness on the Lord. ||1||

ien ibiD iehu mnu hirAw hoie ]
in biDh ih man hari-aa ho-ay.
In this way, this mind is rejuvenated.

hir hir nwmu jpY idnu rwqI gurmuiK haumY kFY Doie ]1] rhwau ]
har har naam japai din raatee gurmukh ha-umai kadhai Dho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, day and night, egotism is removed and washed away from the Gurmukhs. ||1||Pause||

siqgur bwxI sbdu suxwey ]
satgur banee sabad sunaa-ay.
The True Guru speaks the Bani of the Word, and the Shabad, the Word of God.

iehu jgu hirAw siqgur Bwey ]2]
ih jag hari-aa satgur bhaa-ay. ||2||
This world blossoms forth in its greenery, through the love of the True Guru. ||2||

Pl PUl lwgy jW Awpy lwey ]
fal fool laagay jaaN aapay laa-ay.
The mortal blossoms forth in flower and fruit, when the Lord Himself so wills.

mUil lgY qW siqguru pwey ]3]
mool lagai taaN satgur paa-ay. ||3||
He is attached to the Lord, the Primal Root of all, when he finds the True Guru. ||3||

Awip bsMqu jgqu sBu vwVI ]
aap basant jagat sabh vaarhee.
The Lord Himself is the season of spring; the whole world is His Garden.

nwnk pUrY Bwig Bgiq inrwlI ]4]5]17]
naanak poorai bhaag bhagat niraalee. ||4||5||17||
O Nanak, this most unique devotional worship comes only by perfect destiny. ||4||5||17||