pari-a kee pareet pi-aaree

kydwrw mhlw 5 ] (1120-3)
kaydaaraa mehlaa 5.
Kaydaaraa, Fifth Mehl:

ipRA kI pRIiq ipAwrI ]
pari-a kee pareet pi-aaree.
I love the Love of my Beloved.

mgn mnY mih icqvau Awsw nYnhu qwr quhwrI ] rhwau ]
magan manai meh chitva-o aasaa nainhu taar tuhaaree. rahaa-o.
My mind is intoxicated with delight, and my consciousness is filled with hope; my eyes are drenched with Your Love. ||Pause||

Eie idn phr mUrq pl kYsy Eie pl GrI ikhwrI ]
o-ay din pahar moorat pal kaisay o-ay pal gharee kihaaree.
Blessed is that day, that hour, minute and second when the heavy, rigid shutters are opened, and desire is quenched.

KUly kpt Dpt buiJ iqRsnw jIvau pyiK drswrI ]1]
khoolay kapat Dhapat bujh tarisnaa jeeva-o paykh darsaaree. ||1||
Seeing the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, I live. ||1||

kaunu su jqnu aupwau iknyhw syvw kaun bIcwrI ]
ka-un so jatan upaa-o kinayhaa sayvaa ka-un beechaaree.
What is the method, what is the effort, and what is the service, which inspires me to contemplate You?

mwnu AiBmwnu mohu qij nwnk sMqh sMig auDwrI ]2]3]5]
maan abhimaan moh taj naanak santeh sang uDhaaree. ||2||3||5||
Abandon your egotistical pride and attachment; O Nanak, you shall be saved in the Society of the Saints. ||2||3||5||