khojat firay asaNkh ant na paaree-aa

rwgu gauVI mwJ mhlw 5 (240-18)
raag ga-orhee maajh mehlaa 5
Raag Gauree Maajh, Fifth Mehl:

Kojq iPry AsMK AMqu n pwrIAw ]
khojat firay asaNkh ant na paaree-aa.
Countless are those who wander around searching for You, but they do not find Your limits.

syeI hoey Bgq ijnw ikrpwrIAw ]1]
say-ee ho-ay bhagat jinaa kirpaaree-aa. ||1||
They alone are Your devotees, who are blessed by Your Grace. ||1||

hau vwrIAw hir vwrIAw ]1] rhwau ]
ha-o vaaree-aa har vaaree-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
I am a sacrifice, I am a sacrifice to You. ||1||Pause||

suix suix pMQu frwau bhuqu BYhwrIAw ]
sun sun panth daraa-o bahut bhaihaaree-aa.
Continually hearing of the terrifying path, I am so afraid.

mY qkI Et sMqwh lyhu aubwrIAw ]2]
mai takee ot santaah layho ubaaree-aa. ||2||
I have sought the Protection of the Saints; please, save me! ||2||

mohn lwl AnUp srb swDwrIAw ]
mohan laal anoop sarab saaDhaaree-aa.
The Fascinating and Beauteous Beloved is the Giver of support to all.

gur iniv iniv lwgau pwie dyhu idKwrIAw ]3]
gur niv niv laaga-o paa-ay dayh dikhaaree-aa. ||3||
I bow low and fall at the Feet of the Guru; if only I could see the Lord! ||3||

mY kIey imqR Anyk ieksu bilhwrIAw ]
mai kee-ay mitar anayk ikas balihaaree-aa.
I have made many friends, but I am a sacrifice to the One alone.

sB gux iks hI nwih hir pUr BMfwrIAw ]4]
sabh gun kis hee naahi har poor bhandaaree-aa. ||4||
No one has all virtues; the Lord alone is filled to overflowing with them. ||4||

chu idis jpIAY nwau sUiK svwrIAw ]
chahu dis japee-ai naa-o sookh savaaree-aa.
His Name is chanted in the four directions; those who chant it are embellished with peace.

mY AwhI EiV quhwir nwnk bilhwrIAw ]5]
mai aahee orh tuhaar naanak balihaaree-aa. ||5||
I seek Your Protection; Nanak is a sacrifice to You. ||5||

guir kwiFE Bujw pswir moh kUpwrIAw ]
gur kaadhi-o bhujaa pasaar moh koopaaree-aa.
The Guru reached out to me, and gave me His Arm; He lifted me up, out of the pit of emotional attachment.

mY jIiqE jnmu Apwru bhuir n hwrIAw ]6]
mai jeeti-o janam apaar bahur na haaree-aa. ||6||
I have won the incomparable life, and I shall not lose it again. ||6||

mY pwieE srb inDwnu AkQu kQwrIAw ]
mai paa-i-o sarab niDhaan akath kathaaree-aa.
I have obtained the treasure of all; His Speech is unspoken and subtle.

hir drgh soBwvMq bwh lufwrIAw ]7]
har dargeh sobhaavant baah ludaaree-aa. ||7||
In the Court of the Lord, I am honored and glorified; I swing my arms in joy. ||7||

jn nwnk lDw rqnu Amolu ApwrIAw ]
jan naanak laDhaa ratan amol aapaaree-aa.
Servant Nanak has received the invaluable and incomparable jewel.

gur syvw Baujlu qrIAY khau pukwrIAw ]8]12]
gur sayvaa bha-ojal taree-ai kaha-o pukaaree-aa. ||8||12||
Serving the Guru, I cross over the terrifying world-ocean; I proclaim this loudly to all. ||8||12||