khojat khojat mai firaa khoja-o ban thaan

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (816-8)
bilaaval mehlaa 5.
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

Kojq Kojq mY iPrw Kojau bn Qwn ]
khojat khojat mai firaa khoja-o ban thaan.
Searching, searching, I wander around searching, in the woods and other places.

ACl ACyd AByd pRB AYsy Bgvwn ]1]
achhal achhayd abhayd parabh aisay bhagvaan. ||1||
He is undeceivable, imperishable, inscrutable; such is my Lord God. ||1||

kb dyKau pRBu Awpnw Awqm kY rMig ]
kab daykh-a-u parabh aapnaa aatam kai rang.
When shall I behold my God, and delight my soul?

jwgn qy supnw Blw bsIAY pRB sMig ]1] rhwau ]
jaagan tay supnaa bhalaa basee-ai parabh sang. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Even better than being awake, is the dream in which I dwell with God. ||1||Pause||

brn AwsRm swsqR sunau drsn kI ipAws ]
baran aasram saastar sun-o darsan kee pi-aas.
Listening to the Shaastras teaching about the four social classes and the four stages of life, I grow thirsty for the Blessed Vision of the Lord.

rUpu n ryK n pMc qq Twkur Aibnws ]2]
roop na raykh na panch tat thaakur abinaas. ||2||
He has no form or outline, and He is not made of the five elements; our Lord and Master is imperishable. ||2||

Ehu srUpu sMqn khih ivrly jogIsur ]
oh saroop santan kaheh virlay jogeesur.
How rare are those Saints and great Yogis, who describe the beautiful form of the Lord.

kir ikrpw jw kau imly Din Din qy eIsur ]3]
kar kirpaa jaa ka-o milay Dhan Dhan tay eesur. ||3||
Blessed, blessed are they, whom the Lord meets in His Mercy. ||3||

so AMqir so bwhry ibnsy qh Brmw ]
so antar so baahray binsay tah bharmaa.
They know that He is deep within, and outside as well; their doubts are dispelled.

nwnk iqsu pRBu ByitAw jw ky pUrn krmw ]4]31]61]
naanak tis parabh bhayti-aa jaa kay pooran karmaa. ||4||31||61||
O Nanak, God meets those, whose karma is perfect. ||4||31||61||