khojat khojat darsan chaahay

mwJ mhlw 5 ] (98-2)
maajh mehlaa 5.
Maajh, Fifth Mehl:

Kojq Kojq drsn cwhy ]
khojat khojat darsan chaahay.
I have searched and searched, seeking the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

Bwiq Bwiq bn bn Avgwhy ]
bhaat bhaat ban ban avgaahay.
I travelled through all sorts of woods and forests.

inrguxu srguxu hir hir myrw koeI hY jIau Awix imlwvY jIau ]1]
nirgun sargun har har mayraa ko-ee hai jee-o aan milaavai jee-o. ||1||
My Lord, Har, Har, is both absolute and related, unmanifest and manifest; is there anyone who can come and unite me with Him? ||1||

Ktu swsq ibcrq muiK igAwnw ]
khat saasat bichrat mukh gi-aanaa.
People recite from memory the wisdom of the six schools of philosophy;

pUjw iqlku qIrQ iesnwnw ]
poojaa tilak tirath isnaanaa.
they perform worship services, wear ceremonial religious marks on their foreheads, and take ritual cleansing baths at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

invlI krm Awsn caurwsIh ien mih sWiq n AwvY jIau ]2]
nivlee karam aasan cha-oraaseeh in meh saaNt na aavai jee-o. ||2||
They perform the inner cleansing practice with water and adopt the eighty-four Yogic postures; but still, they find no peace in any of these. ||2||

Aink brK kIey jp qwpw ]
anik barakh kee-ay jap taapaa.
They chant and meditate, practicing austere self-discipline for years and years;

gvnu kIAw DrqI Brmwqw ]
gavan kee-aa Dhartee bharmaataa.
they wander on journeys all over the earth;

ieku iKnu ihrdY sWiq n AwvY jogI bhuiV bhuiV auiT DwvY jIau ]3]
ik khin hirdai saaNt na aavai jogee bahurh bahurh uth Dhaavai jee-o. ||3||
and yet, their hearts are not at peace, even for an instant. The Yogi rises up and goes out, over and over again. ||3||

kir ikrpw moih swDu imlwieAw ]
kar kirpaa mohi saaDh milaa-i-aa.
By His Mercy, I have met the Holy Saint.

mnu qnu sIqlu DIrju pwieAw ]
man tan seetal Dheeraj paa-i-aa.
My mind and body have been cooled and soothed; I have been blessed with patience and composure.

pRBu AibnwsI bisAw Gt BIqir hir mMglu nwnku gwvY jIau ]4]5]12]
parabh abhinaasee basi-aa ghat bheetar har mangal naanak gaavai jee-o. ||4||5||12||
The Immortal Lord God has come to dwell within my heart. Nanak sings the songs of joy to the Lord. ||4||5||12||