khojat sant fireh parabh paraan aDhaaray raam

ibhwgVw mhlw 5 ] (545-13)
bihaagarhaa mehlaa 5.
Bihaagraa, Fifth Mehl:

Kojq sMq iPrih pRB pRwx ADwry rwm ]
khojat sant fireh parabh paraan aDhaaray raam.
The Saints go around, searching for God, the support of their breath of life.

qwxu qnu KIn BieAw ibnu imlq ipAwry rwm ]
taan tan kheen bha-i-aa bin milat pi-aaray raam.
They lose the strength of their bodies, if they do not merge with their Beloved Lord.

pRB imlhu ipAwry mieAw Dwry kir dieAw liV lwie lIjIAY ]
parabh milhu pi-aaray ma-i-aa Dhaaray kar da-i-aa larh laa-ay leejee-ai.
O God, my Beloved, please, bestow Your kindness upon me, that I may merge with You; by Your Mercy, attach me to the hem of Your robe.

dyih nwmu Apnw jpau suAwmI hir drs pyKy jIjIAY ]
deh naam apnaa japa-o su-aamee har daras paykhay jeejee-ai.
Bless me with Your Name, that I may chant it, O Lord and Master; beholding the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, I live.

smrQ pUrn sdw inhcl aUc Agm Apwry ]
samrath pooran sadaa nihchal ooch agam apaaray.
He is all-powerful, perfect, eternal and unchanging, exalted, unapproachable and infinite.

ibnvMiq nwnk Dwir ikrpw imlhu pRwn ipAwry ]1]
binvant naanak Dhaar kirpaa milhu paraan pi-aaray. ||1||
Prays Nanak, bestow Your Mercy upon me, O Beloved of my soul, that I may merge with You. ||1||

jp qp brq kIny pyKn kau crxw rwm ]
jap tap barat keenay paykhan ka-o charnaa raam.
I have practiced chanting, intensive meditation and fasting, to see Your Feet, O Lord.

qpiq n kqih buJY ibnu suAwmI srxw rwm ]
tapat na kateh bujhai bin su-aamee sarnaa raam.
But still, my burning is not quenched, without the Sanctuary of the Lord Master.

pRB srix qyrI kwit byrI sMswru swgru qwrIAY ]
parabh saran tayree kaat bayree sansaar saagar taaree-ai.
I seek Your Sanctuary, God - please, cut away my bonds and carry me across the world-ocean.

AnwQ inrguin kCu n jwnw myrw guxu Aaugxu n bIcwrIAY ]
anaath nirgun kachh na jaanaa mayraa gun a-ugan na beechaaree-ai.
I am masterless, worthless, and I know nothing; please do not count up my merits and demerits.

dIn dieAwl gopwl pRIqm smrQ kwrx krxw ]
deen da-i-aal gopaal pareetam samrath kaaran karnaa.
O Lord, Merciful to the meek, Sustainer of the world, O Beloved, Almighty Cause of causes.

nwnk cwiqRk hir bUMd mwgY jip jIvw hir hir crxw ]2]
naanak chaatrik har boond maagai jap jeevaa har har charnaa. ||2||
Nanak, the song-bird, begs for the rain-drop of the Lord's Name; meditating on the Feet of the Lord, Har, Har, he lives. ||2||

AimA srovro pIau hir hir nwmw rwm ]
ami-a sarovaro pee-o har har naamaa raam.
Drink in the Ambrosial Nectar from the pool of the Lord; chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

sMqh sMig imlY jip pUrn kwmw rwm ]
santeh sang milai jap pooran kaamaa raam.
In the Society of the Saints, one meets the Lord; meditating on Him, one's affairs are resolved.

sB kwm pUrn duK ibdIrn hir inmK mnhu n bIsrY ]
sabh kaam pooran dukh bideeran har nimakh manhu na beesrai.
God is the One who accomplishes everything; He is the Dispeller of pain. Never forget Him from your mind, even for an instant.

Awnµd Anidnu sdw swcw srb gux jgdIsrY ]
aanand an-din sadaa saachaa sarab gun jagdeesrai.
He is blissful, night and day; He is forever True. All Glories are contained in the Lord in the Universe.

Agxq aUc Apwr Twkur Agm jw ko Dwmw ]
agnat ooch apaar thaakur agam jaa ko Dhaamaa.
Incalculable, lofty and infinite is the Lord and Master. Unapproachable is His home.

ibnvMiq nwnk myrI ieC pUrn imly sRIrMg rwmw ]3]
binvant naanak mayree ichh pooran milay sareerang raamaa. ||3||
Prays Nanak, my desires are fulfilled; I have met the Lord, the Greatest Lover. ||3||

keI koitk jg Plw suix gwvnhwry rwm ]
ka-ee kotik jag falaa sun gaavanhaaray raam.
The fruits of many millions of charitable feasts come to those who listen to and sing the Lord's Praise.

hir hir nwmu jpq kul sgly qwry rwm ]
har har naam japat kul saglay taaray raam.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, all one's generations are carried across.

hir nwmu jpq sohMq pRwxI qw kI mihmw ikq gnw ]
har naam japat sohant paraanee taa kee mahimaa kit ganaa.
Chanting the Name of the Lord, one is beautified; what Praises of His can I chant?

hir ibsru nwhI pRwn ipAwry icqvMiq drsnu sd mnw ]
har bisar naahee paraan pi-aaray chitvant darsan sad manaa.
I shall never forget the Lord; He is the Beloved of my soul. My mind constantly yearns for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

suB idvs Awey gih kMiT lwey pRB aUc Agm Apwry ]
subh divas aa-ay geh kanth laa-ay parabh ooch agam apaaray.
Auspicious is that day, when God, the lofty, inaccessible and infinite, hugs me close in His embrace.

ibnvMiq nwnk sPlu sBu ikCu pRB imly Aiq ipAwry ]4]3]6]
binvant naanak safal sabh kichh parabh milay at pi-aaray. ||4||3||6||
Prays Nanak, everything is fruitful - I have met my supremely beloved Lord God. ||4||3||6||