#SikhiStrong - "The strength of morning sadhana is the root"

Why everyone is hailing this Sikh from Delhi as the next big star of Indian hip-hop

Prabh Deep addresses inconvenient truths and gives a voice to a marginalised community.

...When Prabh Deep raps, he gives a voice to a community, a medium to the Delhi-Punjabi language used otherwise only in slang, and creates a realm distinct from the norm. His music is resonant with lingo, references, and an inscrutable loyalty to his own people. Like other messiahs of the hip-hop culture, Prabh Deep is determined to disrupt engrained parameters of what could be Indian music – and at the same time shake up the autocracy in the Indian music scene.

In his song Kal, he raps about being threatened on the streets as a young man, getting into fights and the terse danger that defined his young life. In a sequel to the song called Kal (Future) he sings about how he picked himself up, found inspiration in his reality, and never gives up... 

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