When four turbaned Indians travelled from Ludhiana to Australia by scooters

Four Indian men embarked on their first-ever circumnavigation of the globe on two scooters in 1996.

This is the story of four enthusiastic men who travelled through over seven countries to cover over 7500 km on the most inappropriate mode of transport that you could think of - yes, two Bajaj Chetak scooters.

Ramandeep Singh Sran from Ontario in Canada has shared a fascinating story of a memorable journey undertaken by his late father Parminder Singh ‘Gogi’.

“In June 1996, my father and his three friends went out for the world tour on two scooters. The journey that started from our native city of Ludhiana in northern India ended up in Australia,” he tells SBS Punjabi.

“I was told by my father that they started this summit on an endorsement from the Rotary Club with an intention to spread the message of world peace.

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