Video ~ Documentary on Fijian Sikh History

A docu about the Sikhs in Fiji & the first Historic Gurdwara there...

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh ji,

Team 'Punjab Unscripted' travelled to Fiji to provide a virtual tour of the development of Sikh communities on these tropical islands. The documentary covers snippets of when the Sikhs first went to Fiji Islands and established themselves and features the historic gurdwara in Fiji - Samabula Gurdwara which was the first gurdwara to be built in Fiji Islands.

Samabula Gurudwara ~ Fiji

Most people in Fiji whose parents, grandparents came from India that time to Fiji themselves don't know much about this history. Watch this charming visit and be transported to this small, charming, tropical Sikh pocket of modern Sikh history: 

Kiwi / Rani.

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