Sikhs stuck in a Gurudwara in Afghanistan appeals to Sikh organisations in US and Canada to help them escape, watch video

As Taliban takes over Afghanistan, Sikhs stuck in Gurudwara appeal to US and Canada to rescue them.

Amid the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover, a video has surfaced online wherein a group of Sikhs are seen appealing to the international community to evacuate them to US and Canada.

In the video, the Sikhs who had taken refuge at the Karte Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul, soon after Taliban escalated its offensives in the country, are expressing their desire to migrate to the US and Canada. The group of Sikhs, with folded hands, appeal to the Sikh organisations in Canada and America to evacuate the 285 Sikhs stuck in the Gurudwara.

The Sikh man is heard saying that Kabul is in an imminent threat environment after Taliban reached the capital city. They appeal to the United Sikh Organisation and the Sikhs in Canada and the US to evacuate and provide them shelter in the US or Canada...

...After a month-long offensive against the Afghan army, the Islamist outfit Taliban finally reached the gates of Kabul on Sunday (August 15). They entered Afghanistan’s presidential palace hours after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Since then surreal scenes have emerged as people try to flee the country to save their lives. Visuals of Afghan people falling from the sky as they tried to escape while hanging on to the wheels of the airplanes have gone viral on social media. Talibanis have been seen enjoying themselves as the amusement park as well in other surreal scenes.

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