Sikhs start Honor Society at KHS

A new Sikh Honor Society has started at Kingsburg High with a focus on volunteerism and academic mentoring....

KINGSBURG – If you see a group of Sikh students cleaning up the local highways, registering people to vote or gathering items to adopt a family for the holidays, you could be watching the new Sikh Honor Society members in action.

A new club has started at Kingsburg High School and members and organizers say it’s all about mentoring the current generation to take on civic responsibility.

World history teacher Frank Carbajal is their academic adviser and Kamaljit Kaur is a local volunteer with the Fresno Jakara Movement helping the students get organized....

....“Some of our best students are in here and now they’ll be doing a lot of volunteer hours so we’re excited for both the Sikh community and the community at large. The more of their culture they bring in with their hard work, they can emphasize that and it’s good for everybody.”

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