Sikhs contribute $8.1 billion annually to the Australian economy: report

The report entitled ‘Economic potential and impact of Sikhs’ highlights the productive impact the Sikhs have made to the...

Sikhs are making Australia wealthier, according to a study conducted by Sikh Youth Australia and Young Sikh Professionals Network (YSPN), an organisation focused on empowering Sikh youth to “succeed and amplify their influence” in Australia.

The report entitled ‘Economic potential and impact of Sikhs’ claims that Sikh migrants made a net contribution of $8.1 billion to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016.

The findings of the report are predominantly based on Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) data from 2006 and the census output in 2016...

...Since the early days, Sikhs have known to be taking employment wherever they could find a vacancy. According to the latest census, a large proportion drive cabs and trucks, work as cooks, nurses, or aged and disability care workers. Many are self-employed too.

"Given that the population is growing rapidly, it is expected that the contribution of Sikhs to the Australian economy is likely to grow in the coming years," said Mr Anand.

“Along with the continued population growth, the fact that migrants who are now settled here are placing emphasis on their children’s education who’ll grow up to get gainful employment, is bound to change things. And that prospect is quite exciting,” he added.  

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