Sikh, turbaned and queer: Prabhdeep is fighting for acceptance and love

"Queer Sikhs, and/or Queer Punjabi people (who may not identify as Sikhs), are simply trying to live freely, withou...

A few Fridays ago, I spotted a tweet by Prabh Kehal about presenting their PHD dissertation proposal at university. 

Along with it, they posted some pictures celebrating their queerness, which went viral and brought out a wave of appreciation. This was a new world to me.

We rarely see representation of LGBTQ+ people in the media, let alone turbaned ones. And in the desi community such voices are almost completely off the radar. Naturally I had a few questions to ask.

Prabh sees their gender identity as fluid and non-conforming: using neither 'he / she' to describe themselves. The sisters use 'they' or 'their' to refer to their brother. (I'm doing the same here).

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