Sikh temple a community hub open to all

It’s nothing for the kitchens to feed a couple of thousand guests every weekend.

Motorists see Gurudwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib Temple’s domes looming at Takanini, but few realise what goes on inside.

"People call it the Sikh temple, and us the Sikh community, but we just call it temple and community because everyone is welcome," says Supreme Sikh Society spokesperson Daljit Singh.

As New Zealand’s largest Sikh temple, things are done on a grand scale at Gurudwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib Temple. It’s nothing for the kitchens to feed a couple of thousand guests every weekend.

So skilled are the kitchen volunteers that vast amounts of food is prepared regularly and sent to other temples, struggling families and the homeless. Food trucks are on the horizon to take food into the city.

Many of the ingredients are grown on site, with hundreds of fruit and nut trees sustained with water from the temple’s two bores...

...Interaction, he says, has shown people the Sikh religion is not what they thought. "Anyone can come here. No one is going to ask you to become a Sikh, or what you believe, or judge you. There is only one humanity."

Papakura Local Board member Katrina Winn says the generosity that flows out of the temple is extraordinary.

"Nobody could go into that temple and not be overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth of the welcome."...

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