Sikh community donates $11,000 in gift cards to Phoenix TSA workers

"Very much in our Sikh community it talks about giving back and helping those in need," said Anjleen Kaur Gume...

Transportation Security Administration workers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, who worked without pay during the recent government shutdown, were presented with a major donation on Wednesday night. 

The Phoenix Sikh community raised $11,000 worth of grocery and gas cards in a week's time for Phoenix TSA workers.

Members of the Sikh community met with TSA leaders at the airport on Wednesday evening to present the gift...

..."It is sad that we had to go through this, and I hope we don't have to go through it again, but we will see on Feb. 15 and see what comes out of this one," said Juan Casarez, Arizona president of the American Federation of Governmental Employees.

Casarez accepted the donation on Wednesday night from the Sikh community and presented the group's representatives with a plaque, thanking them for their support. 

Among those in attendance was Phoenix mayoral candidate Kate Gallego, who is in a runoff election March 12 with Daniel Valenzuela for the office. Both are former Phoenix City Council members.

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